Monday, November 30, 2009

The Soviet Files

This image was taken in the old Soviet city of Pripya. Pripya was a model Soviet city set up for the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The sign and door on the left leads to the free drinks used to lure voters to come and cast their futile vote in the one party totalitarian system. The sign and door on the right leads them to the voting area. (or vice versa, as I do not read cryllic).

It was a practice adopted in many areas of the former Soviet Union to encourage participation in a sham of a system and one the citizens had long lost faith in. This sign was frozen in time as the city's inhabitants had to flee that fateful day, leaving all infrastructure and personal belongs as they stood. As was the case with most things in the USSR, payment came with vodka and a day off. The day after voting day became a national holiday so that the workers could recuperate after the days binge before. A drunk, cynical and work avoiding populace is an easy to control populace. The Soviets learned these lessons well and implemented them generously.

It is not much difference to the future the modern Democrat party has planned for the United States. They already entice voters with cigarettes and petty cash. They are doing the best they can by way of ACORN manufactured voter fraud to ensure one party rule and controlled opposition. The evidence mounts proving that today's progressives are yesterday's Soviets.

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