Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Core Convictions

I had a fellow conservative tell me Sarah Palin "prostituted herself by going on Oprah’s show" yesterday. I could not disagree more. Palin, every time she steps into the lion's den, amazes me with her bravery and courage. Most conservatives do not have enough courage of their convictions to speak up against the office liberal bully let alone take on the entire Washington power structure, both Republican and Democrat, single handedly. She arms herself with nothing but her core convictions. That is what having core convictions should be all about.

Everyday Sarah Palin is out there, the leftists who have devoted so much time and energy into destroying her become a little smaller. She is David to their Goliath. As conservatives we should witness their impotence and savor it. Every day she is left standing and stronger, we should draw strength from ourselves.

She walks into the eyes of the storm and comes out with her convictions in tact. She isn't knotted into a pretzel to try and meet them half way as so many "conservatives" do. She does not seek their acceptance on their terms. She only lays out who she is and what she believes and doing so tries to weave a web of invitation to join her.

We need more people made of the stuff of Sarah Palin. We could learn a lot watching the bravery of this woman. We'd do well trying to emulate it. They have thrown everything they have at her and she is still standing, stronger than before and with a smile on her face. If this little lady from Wasilla can stand up to the leftists, we can do the same in our schools, in our communities, at the deli counter, by the water cooler, etc. She shows us, through it all, they aint nothing you don't give them the power to be.


  1. Excellent...I couldn't agree more. Why is it so many can't see what you and I see?

  2. Put me down as another "excellent." What she might lack in experience she more than makes up for with clarity and conviction. We don't need any more "geniuses" in Washington. Give me an honest woman (or man) any day.

  3. Thanks! We have let the left control the argument for far too long.