Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are There No Men In Washington?

I forget the movie's title but I remember the scene. Fiction or not, it instantly made me love Ahmad Shah Massoud, the assassinated and much loved by many leader of the Afghani Northern Alliance. He looks to his American counter part and he asks, "Tell me, are there no men left in Washington, or all they all cowards?"

Where are the men in Washington? Where is the Republican leadership?

We have the corruption by the left in full view, ready to be exploited. I hear crickets chirping from the direction of the RNC.

1) Climategate
2) SEIU intimidation and vote fraud in California
3) incriminating ACORN documents

Is there a mission? A plan? A cohesive strategy afoot?

Or are nearly all of them compromised? Have they all been bought off by the globalist financiers of the global warming agenda?With a few exceptions such as James Inhofe and Ron Paul, the Republican party is acting like controlled opposition.

That's my assumption until proven otherwise. They cannot all be this spineless.

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