Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ft. Hood

There are many who are very quick to ensure that the terrorism label is not given to the incident at Ft. Hood. I think it is more appropriate to call it an act of war and to call Hasan a foot soldier. He died in the line of duty in his call of Jihad and the Holy War. He died killing, mainly, soldiers of the opposing army. Although he wore the uniform of those same soldiers his words and his deeds made it clear what side of the war he owed his allegiance.

Whether or not we are engaged in a war with radical Islam, radical Islam is engaged in a war with us. Their spokesmen have repeatedly told us as much. Their followers tell us daily in chat rooms all over the internet. We interrogate and apprehend their soldiers regularly abroad and in our cities. This is the truth whether or not the White House, the military chain of command or a sizable chunk of Americans will admit it. We now know from more than one example, the seeds of radical Islam have been sown far and wide within our society and within the military.

The policy of the American leadership seems to be a game of whack-a-mole and hope that they can keep these incidents spaced out enough so as to not have to take any decisive action. As long as they happen on small scales and happen relatively infrequently, I believe they think they can control public outrage and reaction. It seems to be a strategy that is working. However, time does not appear to be their friend.

Try as they might, politically correct smoke and mirrors can not replace the truth and reality. Next time it may be a school as in the manner of Beslan, Russia or an attack on the magnitude of 9-11. The spin and psychobabble will no longer have the market appeal as it has today and the American anger will not be as rational or as manageable.

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