Thursday, November 19, 2009

Losing a War You Won Centuries Ago

Spain's first Islamic party is set to run in a local election in 2011. Islam is Spain's second largest religion, making up only 2.3% of the total population. The Renaissance and Union of Spain Party, headed by Mustafa Barrach, a former journalist and Arabic professor in Granada. The party seeks to attract the country's 1,300,000 Muslim residents in Spain but also gather supports from immigrants who total 10% of the Spanish population. With moves afoot to legitimize illegal alien residents it could well put that number over two million and growing.

What does this mean for the future of Europe, as it is certainly showing us a trend? There is a huge clash of civilizations on the European continent. Large and largely uninterested in integrating Muslim populations grow and continue to out breed the indigenous birthrates. Although, there are new statistics that show an uptick in the indigenous populations and a slower line of growth in the Islamic populations.

What will the introduction of Islamic political parties mean to the dynamic of Europe and Islam? It might not be all bad. No doubt, the inception of one party will spread across all western European countries with sizable Muslim populations. It will "out" Islam for the political system that it is. There is no give to Caeser what is Caesar's in Islam. The church and the state are one. There is no higher authority than Islam. This will be out in the open for all to see.

It will create a clear line of delineation between those Muslims who desire to integrate and be part of European society and those that choose to identify themselves with Islam first and foremost. At that point, Europe will have some decisions to make. None of them pleasant. My personal belief is that the most peaceful resolution we will see on the European continent will be areas of autonomy for the Islamic populations. I think it is the most likely considering the softness of the average European and his contemporary level of willingness to sacrifice, especially in blood. One thing is certain, the two can not coexist.

It will be devastating to the socialist parties. Similar to American politics, the socialists rely on keeping the minorities on the plantation. Never improving their lot but having a captive demographic. Anything that disempowers the socialists is positive at least in the long term. They wreak havoc wherever they are allowed to consolidate power and they are the very reason we even have to discuss this topic.

Islam will then no longer have the cloak of the socialist movements to hide behind and the socialists will no longer have their votes. I am watching with much interest just how the softer and welfare state breast fed 21st century European attempts to remove the modern Ottoman presence.

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  1. Europe is their great triumph in the making. They don't need jihad. They just need to gain enough political influence and the majority caves; witness England ... and then witness our future.