Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have Rickshaw Will Travel

Waking up is getting dicey these days. I wake from one Obama Marxist induced nightmare to the next on this oddly unbumpy road to the "total transformation of America". Today I woke to a news report that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood "has announced that federal transportation policies will no longer favor “motorized” transportation, such as cars and trucks, over “non-motorized” transportation, such as walking and bicycling".Link. Yup, as we always knew, they are coming after our cars next. Because what is more symbolic of American liberty than the automobile? That's right, nothing.

How am I going to get the groceries home from Costco on my bike you ask? They have an answer for that also in Totally Transformed America. It comes from the granddaddy of societal transformation and planned sustainable living, the Soviet Union. It is called the CommieBloc™ apartment housing. It will be close to work and near public transportation. And because food will become so prohibitively expensive, you will never really be buying in bulk anyway. Soon you'll be paying $5 for about two ounces of jelly just like the Europeans. You Americans are all too fat anyway and, really, you never did spend enough of your discretionary income on food.

I am thinking of those great societies that bike and walk as a main mode of transportation. Mao's China, North Korea. Folks, this is typical 3rd world and 2nd world mobility. For those of you who haven't watched this youtube I urge you to.

This is Obama's vision for our future. A great Leap Forward to the 19th century.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Time To Start Using the C Word

Communist. Use it. I employ it every time, here in Sweden, when asked how I like Barack Obama. People need to see it for what it is. Socialism is just a small pit stop on the long or short road to Communism. Socialism is not an end goal. Given enough time and no one left to keep it in check, it will always lead to hard totalitarianism.

What is happening to Americans today is very foreign to most. People like me having been sounding the alarm bells for years but, even I, sure as I was had my moments of doubt that it was actually happening here and to us. Americans have that certain sense of naivety and optimism. An unyielding belief that "it can't happen here". There is no denying at this dark moment, it is happening.

I can promise you that as you look to the system to correct itself and get us back on course, our system and laws of governance are being dismantled. I read blogs and media outlets speaking under the assumption that the government is still there, still listening to them, still guided by the constitution. That is the voice of the naive and those that still have not grasped the magnitude of what has transpired in this country.

We are losing our country. This is happening. This is not just a bad administration that we have to endure for four years while we go on drinking our Starbuck's and watching American Idol. We have never had a cabal of communists in power and a huge segment of the population that has been ideologically contaminated by methods of subversion. Even in the darkest days of the Cold War, we had a healthy contingent of Americans who understood the basic pillars of our society and were versed in American exceptionalism.

Not so today. We sat back as they infected our schools and popular culture. We watched as they taught our children we were bad, our system was bad, that communism wasn't really that bad. We let them intimidate us when they called us McCarthyites and laughed at us for being stuck in the "cold war mentality". You allowed them into your homes while your children performed energy audits and as the cartoons sunk the messages into their impressionable heads. We allowed it all to happen. Well, because, hey, it can't happen here. The Wall came down, every body is drinking Coke and watching re-runs of Friends.

It all looked so normal. Meanwhile, they were busily infecting and replicating, spreading their diseased way of thinking. Even so, they still do not have all of us, not even most of us. Many of us escaped the nets and many are old enough to not have been exposed to the mindwashing. However, they know they do not need a majority. Through history they've never needed a majority. They know they only need a healthy enough sized group of fellow travelers, true believers and useful idiots. What they rely on is our cowardice and aversion to risk.

It is time for all good American's to once again answer their country's call because I can assure you the communist's in our halls of government woke this morning, looked around , saw no resistance and took that as a sign to press on. The speed at which we fall increases with every achievement of the collectivists. Now is not the time to be sheepish or intimidated. If more and more Americans don’t fully grasp just how desperate our situation is, and rapidly, their complete victory is imminent. We then become just another leftist country to be fitted for one world government shackles.

Monday, March 22, 2010

You Say Freedom, They Hear FREE

We all need to be Francisco d'Anconia now. And we are going to need a few Ragnar Danneskjölds also. Readers of Ayn Rand should understand what that means.

There is just not much else that can be said. Thought, but not said.

Until Socialist Amerika collapses. America, the great experiment, is over.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do You Know What a SDR Is?

I did not know until just recently. You should know, if you do not. And I guarantee you, if you believe at all in the pillars of limited government that America was built on, this will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention. SDR stands for Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). Think of them as a security, similar to a treasury bond.

The value of SDRs is determined by a mixture of international currencies including the Dollar, the Euro, the Yen, and the Pound.
They are not considered currencies at this writing as it is not something you or I could buy and trade. Make no mistake, SDRs are a world currency. Since the economic meltdown began, SDR circulation has increased 100x.

As countries are quietly dropping their dollars, all the while professing their faith in the dollar, they are lapping up these SDRs. As countries are shedding their dollars, who do you think is suspected to be the largest investor in US treasuries? The Federal Reserve. Yes, it appears we are printing money to buy our own debt to keep the dollar on life support.

BUT, at the same time, we are also investing in the SDRs. The U.S. Treasury quintupled its supply of SDRs in August of 2009. Why would we do that? If we were indeed confident that the US dollar was going to be not only the world reserve currency but also in existence, why would we be investing so heavily in SDRs?

To anyone paying attention, it is more apparent by the days that the structure for a world governance is being set up all around us in broad day light. We are now witnessing the planned, pre-positioned fall of the Republic.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1980 Redux?

Yesterday Newsbusters rain an article titled "Dan Rather: Articulate Obama Couldn't Even Sell Watermelons". Link Yeah, that guy. The retired in shame newscaster who was so partisan he actually teared up on television, while reporting, when John Kerry lost. The same guy who had to leave his decades long "journalism" career in shame because he used fabricated documents to to help further that same progressive candidate.

Another article yesterday posted on Yahoo News yesterday, taken from Time, is titled "How Obama is Making the Same Mistakes as Bush". Link Makes one wonder, have we reached he tipping point? Are the liberals getting to the point where they turn on Obama?

Upon further inspection of both articles, it is obvious the liberal media still has no love loss for the Republicans or Bush but they are not puff pieces meant to bolster the anointed one either. Dare I say, they are nearly critical of Obama?

Makes one warm and fuzzy, echoing a time of our last radical Democratic President. The days of the sweater and the gas lines. Twenty one percent interest rates and humiliating foreign incidents. A president, who one minute would be heading out to Camp David to usher in a Peace Accord and micro managing the Whitehouse tennis court the next.

It's 1980 and the left wing in the Democratic Party almost all supported Ted Kenendy in his primary challenge against Carter. It turned into a bitter nasty battle. The party in 1980 left their convention split. Many liberals abstained from the vote by staying home in November, or else voted for the third party, John Anderson. Their anger was palpable. More so than usual.

Bottom line, Carter won the primary and lost to Reagan. The moral of the story, the incumbent never gets thrown over board. The Democrats and their MSM apparatus either go down with the ship, correct course (very unlikely) or fracture. The cracks are beginning to show.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Obama Enlists Emathy Enducers to Flood Talk Radio

The freakshow that is the Obama administration continues to sink to creepier new lows. They have set up a website designed to encourage their followers to flood talk radio with personal stories. They instruct them to tell "personal" stories illustrating how lack of health care coverage has had an impact on the lives of themselves, friends and family. The website gives them appropriate questions to ask and specific talking points.

You can visit the website at Radio Barack Obama . Yeah, they are still using his name as a promotional gimmick. I can guess this is only a selling point with the diehard kool-aid drinkers at this point.

They've broken it down into three easy steps. It is a clear of an admission as we will ever get that, as far as Obama supporters go, keeping it simple is mandatory. These are many of the same people who couldn't maneuver the Palm Beach butterfly ballot and inadvertently voted for Pat Buchanan instead of Al Gore in the 2000 election.

The three steps basically tell you, the moonbat, to 1. listen 2. use the approved agit pop supplied by the Obama administration on the website when calling and 3. to report back to the Obama administration what your experience was. There is a bunch of other propaganda for the already seriously deluded, some disclaimer that the website was powered by "hope" and ofcourse, the ever popular, Obama logo.

Creepy. Sad. Pathetic. Desperate. Inappropriate. All adjectives that come to mind.

It brings to light the modus operandi of the Democratic party, though. It's the psychology behind the token victim in every debate or State of the Union address. People prone to emoting hear the tale, see the ad, their mirror neurons fire and they feel empathy. They feel inclined to vote Democrat, support Oprahite policies or, at minimum, become too intimidated to refute them. They want everyone to believe thy are caring people. Hence flooding talk radio with sob stories.

Do those ascribing to leftism have a sort of addiction to the feeling of an empathy induced need to act and then having it satisfied by doing a sort of symbolic act? Is this why they spend time trying to conjure up feelings of empathy for distant people that they can "fix". Is this why they do not seem to give one iota that the cures are so many times worse than the conditions?

That would explain a lot of otherwise difficult-to-understand behavior by the left: (1) the obsession with "caring" and "commitment", (2) the support of candidates and laws that have nothing to do with fixing the "crisis" (3) ritual, symbolic acts that make them feel they have helped the distant people or things ( meetings), sitting naked in trees in Berkeley (here, the target of empathy is a tree), buying carbon credits (here, the entire earth), voting for a democrat; and (4) the conviction that anyone who does not agree that their symbolic acts are stupid and morally inferior.

Ofcourse, the use of this website to power that addiction to empathy and try and spread it upon the saner faction of the population is just politics as usual. A president afraid of talk radio stooping to new lows of using his less than stable base to do his bidding.