Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1980 Redux?

Yesterday Newsbusters rain an article titled "Dan Rather: Articulate Obama Couldn't Even Sell Watermelons". Link Yeah, that guy. The retired in shame newscaster who was so partisan he actually teared up on television, while reporting, when John Kerry lost. The same guy who had to leave his decades long "journalism" career in shame because he used fabricated documents to to help further that same progressive candidate.

Another article yesterday posted on Yahoo News yesterday, taken from Time, is titled "How Obama is Making the Same Mistakes as Bush". Link Makes one wonder, have we reached he tipping point? Are the liberals getting to the point where they turn on Obama?

Upon further inspection of both articles, it is obvious the liberal media still has no love loss for the Republicans or Bush but they are not puff pieces meant to bolster the anointed one either. Dare I say, they are nearly critical of Obama?

Makes one warm and fuzzy, echoing a time of our last radical Democratic President. The days of the sweater and the gas lines. Twenty one percent interest rates and humiliating foreign incidents. A president, who one minute would be heading out to Camp David to usher in a Peace Accord and micro managing the Whitehouse tennis court the next.

It's 1980 and the left wing in the Democratic Party almost all supported Ted Kenendy in his primary challenge against Carter. It turned into a bitter nasty battle. The party in 1980 left their convention split. Many liberals abstained from the vote by staying home in November, or else voted for the third party, John Anderson. Their anger was palpable. More so than usual.

Bottom line, Carter won the primary and lost to Reagan. The moral of the story, the incumbent never gets thrown over board. The Democrats and their MSM apparatus either go down with the ship, correct course (very unlikely) or fracture. The cracks are beginning to show.

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