Friday, November 27, 2009

Less than 10% of Obama Cabinet Has Real World Experience

Ofcourse, we already know anyone prone to this ideology probably would not have any private sector experience. Most of the issues real people face in their day to day lives are just theory to them. They've never had to stretch a paycheck or work a second job to make the mortgage. That is why a $12 light bulb or an $900 electric bill does not deter them from achieving their goals.

The results of their failed ideology are also not real to them. They do not feel them so they are easy to dismiss. It is why the Obama's can thoughtlessly plan lavish parties while people scrape by in the worst economic climate in recent history. The American people through sheer dereliction of their duty as citizens have ceded control over their lives to people who have never left a campus or a cushy job provided to them by the pedigree of their name and connections.

We can see that the results are a disaster. Our governing bodies have become an adult day care center for a group of left wing theoreticians.

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