Sunday, November 22, 2009

Healthcare is Here!

Wow, shouldn't we all be giddy about this? Oh, that's right I will be the guy paying for it. That makes us months closer to Going Galt as they say. It's time for anyone with any means to do what they can to protect what they have and do what they can to make less. Capital flight, already high, is going to be unstoppable now. Look for Americans to find innovative ways to escape this monstrous system. I have already read ideas of setting up medical cruise ships on international waters.

Sure, it isn't a done deal but rarely does a bill make it out of committee fail. The options from this vantage are not pleasant. This nightmare passes and the country goes bankrupt, this nightmare passes and the country falls into civil war, or it fails when the two branches cannot agree.

I’m surprised by how little the first two options bother me.

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  1. scary isnt we can get used to the idea of a "mad max" future?