Friday, November 13, 2009

Spot the ONLY man in the Photo

I will give you a hint, he's not on the right.

There have been several signs of a growing rift between the Obama administration and Israel. This week, Netanyahu leaving the Whitehouse without either party giving comment, was just one more indication that Obama is getting ready to send Israel to it's place under the bus.

Obama is not fit to lick the boot heels of Prime Minister (ah, it warms my heart to use those words again) Benjamin Netanyahu, that much is obvious. Netanyahu is a statesman who understands the threats to his tiny nation. Obama is an appeaser and despiser of the people he claims to represent. Two men who could not be more different.

There is zero common ground between a man who believes Iran's mullahs can somehow be reasoned with and man like Netanyahu who understands the belief system of the apocolyptic jihad, the second coming of the 12th imam and it entails. We are led to believe they are at an impasse over Israeli settlements. It is safe to assume it goes much deeper than this.

Netanyahu knows that Israeli National Security is in mortal danger with a terrorist sympathizing administration in power in the United States. He also knows that "diplomacy" with the mullahs in Iran is a complete waste of time, which is something any defender of western civilization is short on. Netanyahu knows, ultimately, at some point, Israeli will be forced to confront this threat by themselves or engage in some very strategic and critical thinking using the best problem solving skills the Mossad has.

Obama is playing with the big dogs now, conspiracy theories aside. This is not Rahm and some other two bit Chicago thugs hatching up a shake down of a land developer in Illinois. This is the big leagues. Netanyahu is nothing if he is not a survivor, both physically and politically. This can be evidenced by the fact that he's still breathing oxygen, no small feat for an Israeli Prime Minister. My money is on the only leader left of the free world.

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