Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So, how do we turn them off?

I am talking about the disciples of the Al Gore New Church of Global Warming. Now, that what we thinking people have known all along has been proven to be true; global warming is a big, fat scam designed to pilfer wealth and freedom from, mostly, Americans. Whatever are we going to do with all the followers that are all hopped up on global warming hysteria?

Oh sure, they can still carry around little net bags to get their groceries and ride their bikes but they are going to have a harder time getting mostly everyone else to go along with them. And that is what it was really always about, wasn't it? It was never about saving the planet. It was about reducing us all to one level. No longer would they need to feel inadequate. They longed for the razing of the McMansions and they were giddy at the prospect of forcing us all into the cities and onto public transportations. Yes, those breeding bourgeoisie were finally going to get theirs.

It was never an issue getting the Europeans to go along with it. They already pay most of their income to the government, what's a few more percentage points? Plus, they have always been known to cut off their nose to spite their face, if it meant knocking those fat and stupid Americans down a few pegs. In Copenhagen, they are already powering their Christmas tree display with human produced energy ala Fred Flintstone. You already see more bikes than cars in Copenhagen so the lifestyle change wouldn't be so dramatic. What's a few thousand years anyway?

Global warming was an easy sell for urbanites who misjudge the state of the entire planet based on their experience living in filthy and polluted looking cities. If you are constantly inhaling fumes from city buses or looking out at the haze hanging over LA it is probably very easy to just assume the world is going to hell in a hand basket and somebody (meaning someone in the government or someone with a lot of letters after his name) needs to do something.

My prediction, these sheep will not be deterred and will be just as willing to be led by the global warming hucksters. Even with the evidence that it is all a big fraud. Even with the untold damage that this type of conformist thinking is going to do to our scientific bodies and minds. These people, the true believers, will not be deterred and we are stuck with them. They have found their perfect cause and they are not going to give it up that easily because it was never about the planet. It was about envy and filling a vacuous hole in their soul.


  1. I don't think we can ever turn them off. I just think we have to continue to Alinsky them to death. After all, fighting fire with a volcano can leave your opposition pretty scorched.

  2. You are correct, they have no intention of giving this up. They have come too close.

    There will also be no fallout because their positions never had anything to do with science in the first place. So a failure in the scientific foundation of their positions is meaningless to them - they don't care.

    Think how really funny this is - the warmists - who hold the notion that "the earth is in the balance" are given a glimpse that maybe - just maybe - we all aren't going to die. What do they do? Rejoice? Ask for a review of the data? Nope - they bury it.

    They were never interested in the science. Their actions reveal their complicity in the hoax.

  3. As usual, very well said. I agree with you completely, 100%, totally. Repost.