Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Engine of the Word Is About To Stop

It seems some mainstream pundits are finally catching on to what is at stake. We are in the midst of a worldwide communist coup disguised in terms of the environment and the green revolution. Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer went as far to say that the EPA's power grab this week was a catalyst for a revolution in this country.

A little late to the party, Charles. Especially for an acclaimed intellectual such as yourself. I guess people, even some students of history, often doubt the capabilities of evil in men. Often times they believe we have progressed beyond those times.

Saul Alinski suggested using the environment to push his radical agenda. Find something that can not be refuted, something everyone can agree upon as "good".

These people always knew that there was not a climate crisis. It was always a tool to achieve what they had not been able to achieve before. Ever. Worldwide domination. It was not that that they felt communism was not tried by the right people as many believe. They knew that their error was leaving any spark of life, innovation and wealth left on the planet. With control of the world's resources, they have latched onto the perfect solution to that problem.

Human ability to adapt to misery is remarkably high. In less than a generation, bread lines could easily be viewed as common place and normal. Children's minds can easily be educated to believe how lucky they were to be spared the capitalist system that left people hungry and sick in the streets.

The engine of the world is about to stop. It is either going to be a steady drop into the abyss or one very bumpy ride.

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