Thursday, December 10, 2009

Resistance - It's the New Black

I guess the appropriate questions are along the lines of what is next? I hate to see the glass half empty but I am a realist. Our 200 plus year experiment with freedom, unique to human history, is coming to a close. The EPA ruling on carbon dioxide effectively legislates Cap and Trade. Even still, Cap and Trade has already passed one house. Add Cap and Trade to health care "reform" and the free market is off life support and into flat lining territory. The final kick to the head, just to make sure it is dead, will be the the upcoming stimulus programs.

We are leaderless aside from Maoist, communists and spineless career politicians too afraid or too lacking in conviction to lead. Obama will have transformed the country as he promised. Barring some act from the heavens, I see no reasonable prospect of reversing any of this. We will soon be Europe. Only without the United States to prop it up or to compare it to. Meaning, they aren't even done with Europe yet. This gives the communists the green light to destroy the small vestiges of life left in Europe.

As I have written many times before: we have to learn from history and take our cues from history. Communist movements are never a united front. There are factions. Less than true believers who believe it can only be taken so far, reformers who wish to re-instill pieces of the free market or democratic principles. Then there are always the true believers. Those who are not swayed by others suffering, the true sociopaths of history. These factions work to our advantage.

We need only to look to the USSR and the early split leading to the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks factions. The Mensheviks were the moderate Marxists who believed in following Marx's strategy of capitalism leading to the revolution. Lenin, of course, believed that step could be skipped. In short time, the Mensheviks were completely marginalized. This led to Menshevik arrests, jailings, exiles and worse.

Mao's China saw similar divides. The Cultural Revolution was the backdrop for a struggle for power between the more moderate members of the Chinese Communist party and the Gang of Four, a faction of the CCP led by Mao's third wife Jiang Qing.

My point is that the only way to ever keep a lid on freedom movements is with the barrel of a gun. In the short term, destroying people economically and using the threat of destroying them economically works. It can only work for so long because more and more people ultimately have less and less to lose. The most dangerous man is the man who has little to lose or the man who has already lost so much. Our job in the short term as quiet, independent and thoughtful citizens is to work to destroy the societal apparatus of this new tyranny.

I read a lot of armchair warrior talk about armed revolution. It can not happen. It would play into their hands and provide them the cover to call in the jackboots. Remember, without violence none of this is sustainable long term especially without the golden goose of the United States. Without the American economic engine of the world, it all collapses and it collapses quickly, historically speaking. Armed revolution: not going to happen. Unless, the military took a stand, it would be useless against the countless para-military units of the alphabet agencies and their technical abilities.

I have actually had thoughts lately about the survival of the republic, which is understandable. Then my thoughts have moved more to a really unfamiliar and unsettling place, should the republic in it's present form survive? Is it too big? Would a republic form of government be more sustainable in a smaller union? Can the northeast and left coast be saved? Do I really want to co-exist with these people anyway?

Which brings me to the idea that the road back may be through state rebellion. That is where our power resides. The power of the people. Think of a handful of states refusing to comply. Entire states refusing to turn over income taxes revenues and declaring their sovereignty. Think of how hard Texas, a state with a rich history of succession talk, is going to be hit by the EPA regulations. It is not a far stretch to imagine Texas leading the way with other southern or western states to follow. We need that first state to have enough and stand up to enforce the 10th amendment and uphold their sovereignty. Others states will follow.

This is where our hope resides at the moment. Starving the beast and working to bring it all down. As the communists like to say, "the worse, the better". Spend as little as possible, work as little as possible, invest nil and surround yourself with people with experience in life skills and skills that may help you in the future. Conversely, be prepared to share these skills with others. Educate, read and understand the histories of these movements. Remember, in the end, a small group of freedom loving patriots brought down the Soviet Union. Appeal to your local and state officials. Work to bring patriotic Americans into these local seats of power.

Resistance. Learn it. Live it. Know it.


  1. Start a bartering network in your community. We've been doing that in my neck of the woods for some time.

  2. I should just quit writing...and say "hey, just read what KMBR says." and be done with it.

    needless to say: I think you are right.

  3. There aren't enough people who give a damn to revolt. We're too weak of a people now, anyway, to me-centric. The bigscreeen TV and the bling and the bar bill, that's our cup of tea.

    We are so screwed.

  4. Yeah, snarky, but when the big screen, the bling and the bar are no more....

  5. I would like to nominate Michigan for the first state to secede from the republic. I even did a fake news post along those lines awhile back:

    The Canadians are already growing tired of their socialist utopia. Maybe we can give Toronto to New York, Vancouver to Washington and start over again with the fly-overs.