Monday, October 19, 2009

The World They'd Build

Equality, egalitarianism, fairness, a more equitable society -- these are all phrases the left like to throw around. Really, though what can history tell us about the world they seek to build from what would be the ashes of the American dream?“

History tells us they intend to build a two tier society. They intend to to take their rightful place as a large part of a distinct elite class. The talk about egalitarianism is just a tactic used to ferment execration resulting in the destruction of those who have achieved elite status by traditional methods. This would include wealthy business people, people who are not of the pedigree of politically connected families, people not of protected status via race, sexuality, victimology or simply people who were not educated into their line of thought in Ivy League institutions. These are the people they resent. The people from whom they have garnered their superiority.

It was Joseph Schumpeter, Austrian economist, who gave an explanation why those in academia hate their own country. If memory serves he suggested that the professoriat hated the USA on account of hot dog vendors making more money than they. They simply couldn’t abide a country where a laborer could make more money than those in ivory towers. There’s some truth to this; people generally hate what they envy. It can not go without saying, these are the sort of individuals who support Marxism and, by default, Obama's vision to fundamentally change the world.

Make no mistake, not one of these people intend to be subjected to the grey and unanimated life they wish to inflcit on most of us. Not one. They may pose for photo ops with, for instance, bicycles but they have no intention of using one as their main mode of transportation. They will never be subjected to their health care plans just as their children, now, are not subjected to their public schools. The only difference will be you will no longer have the option of progressing to this class through the old methods of hard work, sacrifice, maybe a good idea and a little luck.

America was the one, true egalitarian society. The socialistic and communistic train that we are on is the anti-thesis of American values and it will build a society that most Americans would never recognize.

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  1. Bravo. you nailed it in far fewer words than I have ever been able to do it in. I have tried explaining liberal hatred several times and I always get bogged down and too lengthy.

    We used to be a meritocracy. Not much anymore. to derail this train?