Saturday, October 10, 2009

Next Stop-Failed State?

Conspiracies theories aside, these are the people calling the shots. This image portrays the scene as 50,000 people showed up in Detroit hoping to get one of the 5,000 applications available for aid money to be released from the stimulus funds. Chaos ensued, fights broke out, police were called in and a handful of people were taken away in ambulance. The YouTubes tell the story. When interviewed the stimulus seekers said the money was coming from "Obama's stash".

The most dispiriting aspect of this scene is that these are the people that are now in charge and they have elected one of their own. That isn't meant as a racial remark, it is a mentality observation. Talk show hosts compared this to the Katrina aftermath. They are wrong it is more like Zimbabwe with little smatterings of Argentina and Yugoslavia thrown in for seasoning.

This is a growing subculture. A free republic can not withstand this kind of wanton ignorance, systemic immorality and inability to control impulse. It's mostly urban but the mentality is alive and well in the rural areas as well. It is a black thing, a white thing and a brown thing. Truthfully, it is more prevelant in African American communities because that is where Democrats have had a stranglehold on power. It’s the result of seventy-five years of New Deal liberalism and nearly fifty years of the “War on Poverty”. When I wrote the other day of the results of a system making people less, this was exactly what I had in mind. People who otherwise may have made their way except for the spirit crushing policies of the programs above.

What has changed in the least century? Unemployment in Detroit hovers at about 20 percent. I would wager it is higher. Those are Great Depression numbers. However during the Great Depression people pulled together. They did anything they had to do to get by. A large enough chunk in the image above would just assume shoot you for the $20 in your pocket than mow your lawn for it. The next time the media pundit tells you this is the next great depression, remember this is not your grandparents "Great Depression, this is something else entirely. It may be the beginnings of a failed state.


  1. Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." Democrats seem to have figured this out long ago, but amazingly don't think it will impact them (which is but one of the multiple psychopathies of the left)

    A good enough reason to restrict the voting privileges of anyone who's on the receiving end of transfer payments.

    Great post. I'm linking.