Saturday, October 3, 2009

Embarrassment of Olympic Proportions

They say the number one rule of selling anything is belief in what you are selling and conveying that enthusiasm to the prospective client. It's easy to sell the notion that we are a bad, bad country that needs atonement when you believe it and your clients already believe it too. It is a bit difficult to sell a vacuum cleaner when just last week you were selling the competing vacuum cleaner and pointing out all the flaws and deficiencies of the brand you are trying to sell today.

I have to admit I have a bit of schadenfreude today. Watching Michelle and Barack fly back to the United States without the olympics was enjoyable. As a rule, I don't find pleasure in my country losing anything. However, the last thing needed was a city as corrupt and dangerous as Chicago on the world stage. The last thing Barack Obama needed was a shallow victory to distract attention away from his mounting pile of failures. The American public has short memories and is naively forgiving.

The humiliation by the fiasco in Copenhagen should be examined by the left. I doubt it will be and more than likely they'll give shallow excuses. I have already begun hearing murmurings and "analysis" of the institutionalized racism in Europe. Left wing blogs are purporting that Europe still has a long way to go when it comes to overcoming racism. I find that interesting considering they are usually busy holding the United States up as THE racist society. The left is nothing if they aren't expedient when it comes to manipulating their opinions.

Additionally, they should really examine the idea of being "liked". The narcissist of Barack Obama never entertained the notion that he was not going to win the olympics. He felt his simple presence was enough to do the trick. Common sense adults should now know different. Europeans embraced Barack Obama simply because he was destructive to the United States. They reject leaders like George Bush because , although maybe often misguided, they do put the best interest of our country first. Be it consciously or subconsciously they were not embracing the man himself but the idea of bringing us down a few pegs.

Barack Obama is his worst enemy. His inability to be humble and realistically evaluate himself are hurting him. His thin skin is growing thinner. He does not see himself the way the, soon, majority of Americans see him. His continued pushing of Michelle Obama into the spotlight shows how out of touch with mainstream America he is. She is offensive, elitist and angry. Yet, he continues to allow her to be thrust out into the public eye whether it is pushing healthcare or trying to bring home the olympics. Regardless of how many times she appears on Good Morning America to talk about organic vegetables or how she maintains the tone in her arms, she does not resonate with anyone other than his hardcore supporters.

There have been many times we have seen examples of the lack of respect of the office he holds. The cheap and unthoughtful gifts to the Queen of England were a prime example. Investing the prestige of the office of the presidency was a colossal blunder. Aside from foreign and the right wing niche media, this will never properly be addressed. The water carriers in the US mainstream media will spin it into a positive. Although, as they keep trying to repolish this turd, most of us are beginning to notice he is not any of the things they are trying to tell us he is.

Now, he is back in the Oval Office. Back to the issues he successfully avoided for the last 24 hours. The news cycle, to all but the political junkies, was co-opted by Obama, Oprah and Michelle's junket to Copenhagen and that was by design. Now instead of rallies and olympic coverage they are forced to cover more serious issues. A floundering healthcare bill, eroding approval numbers, the "dismal September jobs report", 10 percent unemployment, mounting terror intelligence and American blood spilling in Afghanistan are all the hot plates on his desk at the moment. I predict another diversionary boonboggle in less than two weeks.


  1. I predict sething to distract us no later than tuesday

  2. And your reasoning for the schaedenfrude os the same as mine