Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tough and Skinny

Proving that it is always all about him once again, Barack Obama, rebuked opposition today at a few separate Florida fundraisers.

"There are people saying mean things about me and folks are worried." Uhh, yeah. Enough about us Obama, what about YOU? Never mind the war in Afghanistan, never mind the double digit unemployment, never mind the imploding dollar. He is going to address the big meanies talking trash about him.

Is this guy made of crepe paper?

"Just 'cause I'm skinny doesn't mean I'm not tough. I don't rattle," Obama said, tongue in cheek and with his fake down home accent.

Seriously though he does have a spine of steel when it comes to the misery of Americans. He is not moved by it one iota. Troop deaths do not show the wear on his face the way they showed on President Bush's face. He is steely cold when it comes to bludgeoning a baby's head in a botched abortion attempt or denying healthcare to an elderly grandmother. For sure, there is some there there. He conserves it, for the struggle of his leftist utopia.


  1. I don't know if you are aware but live 70 miles from Miami and wanted to go to that tea party so bad. Had I been given a days notice, I'd have been there but driving in Miami is not for the faint of heart or the heavily medicated. There as absolutely no local notice at all given (I wonder why) and yet a huge tea party popped up where Obama spoke. You may or may not be aware of the fact that the Cuban-American population in Miami tend to be very conservative as they understand well what happened under Castro. They are pro Business as they own all the shoppes and stores down there. They are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to take their capitalist success home to Cuba. They generally thought Obama was okay as a candidate but they HATE him now as he has reached out toChavez and Castro and that did not go over well with the Cuban community here. Had Obama done that right, and done so from a position of strength, the Cubans would have supported that, but Obama always negotiates for a position of weakness, which with the Castro brothers and Chavez is a huge mistake. the Cuban community is more politically aware than most Americans. Every morning, the Cubans gather at their coffee shops and talk politics over Cuban Coffee which if you've never tried it is something between white lightning(moonshine) and cocaine but is non alcoholic coffee. Yes it is that strong. Cuban coffee makes your latte look like water. they drink that and talk politics every morning. I have been blessed to be able to do so on occasion with them and I wish Americans could get together and talk politics daily like that so openly. It's almost like a daily "tea party" but with coffee.

  2. By the way do you have any sort of a followers list? I am a co-contributor at KOOK's and I love your comments there and really like your blog too. We at KOOK's will be giving you some reposts to share our readership with you. I am quoting KOOK when I say that you blog is very good and once people find this blog you will have lots of readership. I think the words he used was "grossly underread" When I was tiny and doing my own blog, KOOK came along and started reposting my work. he was new but had 17 followers and was getting comments. We have grown quite a bit, as now we are a small blog with some readers. It was Bloggers like bungalow bill and Left Coast Rebel that helped us and got our "foot in the door." Now we try to help those that are where we were. You comment on our blog every day and the least we can do is help you with some "linky love" as LCR calls it. Anytime you have something important you want reposted just ask. If you want a little artwork like the talking cars in the cash for clunkers post from yesterday, I do those myself and can whip them up in a few seconds and would be happy to do them for you too.

  3. Thanks Andrew. Certainly not enough readers but probably 20 or so "regular" ips make their way.

    The Cubans know communism. Often the best allies we have are the very people who have lived under the boot of it. My old neighbors were from Poland, they would always say, "The American's just don't know what they have".

  4. Kmbr,

    I'm going to discuss your blog in the next couple of days on the show. Please forward your email address to me again, would you? I copied down the wrong data. I'm at thejimmyzshow@gmail.com

    Like the frequency of your posts - very important in getting your blog read.

    Who is KOOK's and where are they? Just curious.