Friday, October 30, 2009

Peggy Noonan Gets It Right?

We're Governed by Callous Children
Peggy Noonan is, at least, moving in the right direction in hopes of finding some redemption after her loss of reason during the election season. However she could garner back a bit more respect by acknowledging she was very wrong and very misguided in 2008. She has not come this far yet. It seems the cocktail party circuit elites are finally starting to get a clearer picture of just how off the tracks things are.

However, Peggy still does not realize she falls among the naive she writes about. She attributes the destruction of the country to wanton ignorance and disbelief that the country has limited strength when it comes to enduring the blows it is receiving. Perhaps, she is self reflecting and explaining away her miscalculations when hopping aboard the Obama Express.

On some level, maybe, she wishes to absolve herself of some of her guilt. Peggy Noonan and the liberal Washington DC insider wing of the Republican party contributed in no small way to this Maoist onslaught. In their elitist shells they hold nothing but contempt for the people in "flyover" who actually make the country work. They disassociate themselves with the "teabaggers" and the people who attended town hall meetings to try to participate in the Democratic process and prevent a disastrous bureaucracies from being imposed on us. They sit back and watch as patriotic Americans are ridiculed and painted as radical right wingers and hate mongers.

Noonan is still a bit guileless when it comes to Obama, many of his appointments and much of the far left wing of the Democratic party. They are not deluding themselves or unable to grasp that our system and way of life can not support the endless assaults. They know full well the results of their efforts.

They are subversive forces working to destroy the country. None of their actions stem from confused optimism, bubbled lives of privilege that make them unable to imagine anything else, etc. They are tearing down that which they seek to rebuild. Obama has said nothing contrary to the point.

They seek to build a country and a world where all prosperity, power and material gain comes from the government. They feel their places, their children's places and their children's children's places are secure in this hierarchy. They do not worry for their future. There will be no bread lines or death panel decisions for the ruling class just as there never was in Soviet Russia, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, etc.

This is where Peggy still does not quite get it. More often than not it was the sons and daughters of the abundance throughout history who sought to tear it all down.

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