Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Déjà vu All Over Again

After Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's announcement that sanctions against Iran were not in the foreseeable future I got this sinking feeling we've been here done this vis-à-vis Iran, the bomb and the Clintons. Maybe because we have with Pakistan.

Let's do a little recap:

1989-1990--reports of secret construction of nuclear research reactor with components from Europe.

July 1991 - Reliable reports from Islamabad confirm that Pakistan had frozen production of HEU and halted the manufacturing of nuclear weapons components.

1992--Pakistani foreign secretary publicly discusses Pakistan's possession of `cores' of nuclear devices.

Late 1992 -- The US Government determines that China had transferred items controlled under the international Missile Technology Control Regime to Pakistan.

25 August 1993 -- The United States imposed "Category Two" sanctions against certain Chinese and Pakistani entities that were involved in an M-11 missile-related transfer, which is prohibited under US law.

Late 1993 -- The Clinton Administration, citing what it considered to be asymmetrical treatment accorded to Pakistan and India over their respective nuclear programs, proposed revising the amendment and certain "country-specific" sections of the Foreign Assistance Act. The administration argued that by the time nuclear nonproliferation provisions had been added to the Foreign Assistance Act, India had already acquired the capability to build nuclear weapons and thus Pakistan had borne the brunt of most United States sanctions.

April 1994 - Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott visits Islamabad to propose a one-time sale of F-16 fighter aircraft to Pakistan. Delivery of the planes would be contingent on specific commitments from Pakistan regarding its nuclear program, including a verifiable cap on the production of fissile materials. Talbott states that there is "broad agreement" between the United States and Pakistan on the goal of "first capping, then reducing, and eventually eliminating weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles from South Asia."

March 1996 -- Pakistan commissioned an unsafeguarded nuclear reactor, expected to become fully operational in the late 1990s, that will provide it with a capability to produce weapons-grade plutonium.

Late 1996 -- Pakistan's main nuclear weapons laboratory, the A.Q. Khan Laboratory in Kahuta, purchased 5,000 ring magnets from China. The ring magnets would allow Pakistan to effectively double its capacity to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons

06 September 1997 -- Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif claims Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons, saying that: "Pakistan's nuclear capability is now an established fact. Whatever we have, we have a right to keep it...." production.

28 May 1998: Pakistan detonates five nuclear devices.

History is about to repeat itself with the second Islamic bomb. If this weren't enough it appears that Poland and the Czech Republic were not thrown under the Obama bus in a back room deal but more as a gesture of good will in hope that Russia would compromise on the Iranian issue. The Russians told Obama to go pound sand. It is at this critical point when we are now negotiating from a position of weakness.


  1. Well Kim, that is Obama and His administration's favorite "postion", one of weakness ...and uh...I will refrain from more coarse language on the blog of such a nice lady...although there are lots of things I would like to say that rhyme with "itch" and "smear" references to baseball and prison culture...a full metal jackeet reference know...

    -Remember the Bow?

  2. I really thought she'd be Madeline Albright Part 2. Not even close. Maybe they are hamstringing her. Who knows? All I know is that if she wants a future in politics she needs to resign in a huge, public display BEFORE Iran tests the first bomb. Because of she doesn't, she's going under the bus.

    That if is votes still matter and I am not really sure they do.