Thursday, October 15, 2009

Perpetually Undecided

The undecider has decided he's close to deciding on a decision regarding Afghanistan. Actually, it has been said that after five "intense" information gathering meetings, he is fixing on making a decision. He is deciding to decide. After one more meeting which is going to occur sometime next week.

Administration spokesperson and all around annoyance Robert Gibbs has said he doesn't know how long it will take to make the decision but he estimated weeks. Great news if you are one of the guys (or gals) in Afghanistan that has stuff blowing up all around you and you are reaching into your pocket making sure you still have a copy of the Miranda rights handy.

Have no fear troops, Obama is in the "decision making process". Whatever that means. I do not know if the process started before or after Latino Dance Night at the Whitehouse on Tuesday but we have arrived to the critical point of deciding. Perhaps he was deciding while doing his one and only patented dance move with Thalia? Maybe he does his best deciding while recreating? He seems to do enough of it.

Being something of a procrastinator and all around unproductive sort myself, I know all too well talking about deciding is generally cover for "I don't have a frikking clue what to do next" or "I really need to do this but flying to Copenhagen would be so much more less taxing". I engage in this practice quite often. I recognize the symptoms. Except my decisions are usually unimportant and do not effect anyone's lives.

Sigh, meanwhile all this deciding talk has made me realize I really miss "the decider". At least he actually made decisions.

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