Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Happens After Healthcare is Passed?

If indeed, the Democrats are successful ramming this healthcare bill through Congress, what then? Let me clarify that I am not entirely sure they will but I do have my concerns. Let's face it though, they have the numbers. Our only real hope at this point is that there are enough Blue Dogs and other Democrats worried enough about their own seats to break from the party and vote no. At this very moment they are determining just how many seats they can afford to lose to still maintain power and who they will "allow" to vote against this bill.

Let's remember what exactly is on the table. Socialized health care, amnesty and the cap and trade bill. With the passing of just these three huge changes the Democrats would then control every aspect of our lives. With the citizenship of 12-20 million illegal aliens and their families, mostly from Mexico, there will never be a conservative idea voted into office again. Your children will be taught more about Cinco de Mayo than they ever will the Bill of Rights or our founding fathers. And that is by design.

The federal government will then be empowered with the tools to determine what kind of house you can live in, how warm or cool you can keep it, how big it is, what car you can drive, how and when you can defend yourself and your family, if you get medical care, and indirectly what types of jobs are available. With unchecked spending and no real opposition, inflation will render your savings and securities worthless. If they attain this level of power, it will be generations, if ever, that there will be any sort of pendulum shift back.

That's exactly why it's extremely helpful to have a third of the country come from conditions where living nine to a small apartment is not only acceptable, it is a step up.

What is more likely to happen than any large pendulum shift back away from these socialist policies will be that the United States will go the way of Yugoslavia. There will be more talk of secession and more desire to break from looting enabling Washington. At some point Washington will have to turn on its own citizens because their existence is dependent on taking from the producers and giving to the looters. They need to keep the producers captive. They need to keep the loot coming to all the special interest groups.

It is where we differ from the European welfare state. We have too many independent people in fly over. John Edwards was half right when he said we have two different Americas. His error was that the difference was economical. The difference is largely cultural and philosophical. We have no desire to live with them and they have no desire to live with us. Only subjugate us. Too many of us remember and still believe in the strong traditions our country was founded on and we have zero plans to be subjugated.


  1. I think you hit the nail squarely on the head with this post. Great job, I like both your blogs.