Saturday, August 8, 2009

Open Question to Moderates

To all the so called moderates out there, I wish I could ask the following question:

When you voted in November did you think you were voting for an administration that , when faced with dissent, would:

1. Block access and marginalize dissenters as extremists

2. Repeatedly call them zealots

3. Marshall people and call in reinforcements to get submissiveness

Did you think you would see a day when the President of the United States, himself, would tell people that opposed his policies to shut up?

"I don't want the folks who created the mess do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking."

These are the words, yesterday, of the POTUS. I don't ever recall a modern President using words so divisive. This is all the evidence that Americans need that this is a man who simply has no idea on how to govern. He is in completely unfamiliar territory. This is not a college social experiment. This is the responsibility of running he world's most prosperous and successful society. And, despite his efforts to the contrary, many of us would like to keep it that way.

To all those who voted for this because it was the trendy thing to do, because you wanted to be a part of history, because he wasn't Bush, because Saturday Night Live made Sarah Palin look stupid--I'd love to know if you had any idea that what you who you were voting for was a child of the 1960s Marxist-Alinsky hippie street culture and that his entire belief system about this country was shaped from that school of thought.


  1. absolutely awesome post. Actually everything you have written on here is just absolutely DITTO to what I think. I think you would like my little spot on the internet

  2. Yes! I did know what I was voting for. This is what you get when you have a spineless Republican party who has lost all concept of conservative values. A party that puts its finger up to the wind to determine how to vote on incredibly important legislation rather than use core values. A party that had control of all three branches of government and instead of acting responsibly just simply spent, spent, spent. A party that tried to manipulate the Constitution for its own ends by pushing for more and more Executive powers. A party where the President tried to have his own unqualified former lawyer added to the Supreme Court. This is what you get!

    I do not believe that you can shift the balance of a nation by continuing to vote the same asses into office. Would John McCain and the other "Republicans” have fired up the true conservatives....hell no. You fire them up by giving them something to hate. You put socialism and the destruction of this nation right in their faces. I believe in the people and would rather see this nation come crashing down than let the Federal government slowly take over us all. With Obama and his squad it is like a band-aid that you rip off quick. These four years are an exemplar of the coming attraction if people do not get up off their FAT asses and do something. This is a guy who trusts Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barney Frank with decisions. Are his words really that necessary to understand and predict that he is going to act the way he has? I did not go out waving flags for Obama. His radical policies were either going to astonishingly work against all my beliefs or they would fail miserably and cause a trend reversal for the good in this country.

    You can target moderates all you want and place the blame on people like me for putting Obama in office. That is fine, but I think the voters who backed John McCain and the current Republican party are responsible. When the party had the opportunity to tear apart two of the most liberal people ever to run for office with core values and instead went with John McCain (if he is not a Democrat then I need a refresher in conservative thinking)...well that was it and now is the time for suffering. I just have a longer horizon and reasoning for my vote than maintaining the shitty status quo. I think the nation will be much healthier in the long term.

    SNL did not make Sarah Palin look stupid. She managed that quite well on her own. She repeatedly did not understand her role in the government if elected with John McCain. The Constitution is king in my book and if you do not know it then you should not be Vice President of the United States. (spare me the obligatory Biden quip...obviously I am not a big fan but at least he understands his role in government).

    “so called moderates” I love how being moderate has become a dirty word. As if disagreeing with both of these piece of junk parties is a bad thing. A healthy nation has extremes tugging and a considerable group of “moderates” in the middle. These are the sane people who take the good from the extremes and ditch the bad.

  3. OK. Laconic, I had a long reply and lost it. Which has never happened to me before. LOL

    Let me see if I can recall any of it...

    You are talking about a seismic shift in thinking. To think that once these huge policy changes are implemented they will ever be reversed is wishful thinking. Public opinion doesn't ever seem to make huge shifts, it seems to adapt.

    We could very easily stumble along for half a century much the way Europe has. By the middle of this century Europe will be a caliphate and it is completely the result of the nihilism practiced the indigenous people of that continent.

    Perhaps, our strength and economic power was what propped up much of the rest of the western world and we will all crash together under the weight. We don't know. We are moving into unchartered territory.

    No principled conservative is giddy about the state of the R party today. But, we recognize the huge differences in the caliber of the nuts and bolts people who make up the movements within the party. Look at the treatment of Sarah Palin and her family by the left, not even just the way, far left but the mainstream left. I could never align myself with those forces for any reason.

    Palin may not have been polished or shiny but she had her instincts in the right places. McCain may be misguided, unprincipled and incompetent but I never doubted that in his heart he cared about his country. Obama, as an active subversive he is quite competent. He was raised, reared, educated and evangelisized in environments hostile to traditional American values. He is just the right man for the right time. The perfect political storm, if you will.

    To undermine your original thoughts about a seismic shift in thinking, a populist revolt, I keep coming back to the original conception of Marxist/socialist/communist theory and it's call for revolution. That theory has evolved.

    If the system can be sabotaged to the point of collapse and the collapse can be attributed to inherent failures of the system and with socialism presented as the curative alternative --violent socialist revolution will be unnecessary to overthrow. That is where Obama is taking us.

    Whether or not he/they is/are successful remains to be seen. And what happens after that, as I said, is unknown. Certainly unnecessary misery. Certainly not the world I want my kids to grow up and live in.

    So do I blame moderates? There's a lot of blame to go around, I guess.