Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Order of Biz...Eliminate Useless Eaters

Despite popular opinion, some degree of public outrage and many independents jumping ship Obama maintained as recent as yesterday, that "we will pass (healthcare) reform by the end of the year, because the American people need it".

"We're going to have to make it happen." Scary words if ever there were some.

Despite the wishes of the majority of Americans he is intent on passing this abomination. What's interesting is that, the old, who really need to take ownership of much of this election, are quaking in their flip flops down in their retirement homes in South Florida. They are learning that if they voted for Obama to reform healthcare, they voted for their own demise. Amazing what'll happen if you just pay attention and do a little research.

They are learning that countries with socialized medicine have neat little formulas that determine whether you are to receive a treatment or surgery. In Great Britain, they even have a mathematical formula for doing so, based on a "quality adjusted life years." While the guidelines are not easy to follow, they usually maintain that Britain cannot afford to spend more than about $22,000 to extend a life by six months.

Basically, if you are an active 68 year old and you need knee replacement surgery or want to fix that shoulder so you can spend your retirement days casting lines out on the river, you better hope you have enough quality of life years left in you according to the formula.

It's no secret Britain's health system is a casebook disaster. Wealthy Greeks who live in Britain go home to Greece rather than use the Brit healthcare system. What's that tell you? The Concord study published in 2008 showed that cancer survival rates in Britain are among the worst in Europe. Among women with breast cancer there's a 46 percent chance of dying from it in Britain, versus a 25 percent chance in the United States. In chart after chart Britain is at the bottom of it's class and America at it's top.

The stats could go on and on and move into other countries with socialized medicine.

Continuing to move forward, Obama is going to lose a good portion of his constituency. Advisors must be telling him this is a good bet for another office term. I can only guess that this is a multifaceted plan with the next step being some sort of amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal aliens who reside in the United States. He is going to need these voters to make up for the baby boomers he is losing.

The Democrats will gain the vast majority of this new voting block. Will they will receive care while those who contributed a lifetime to the economy and the nation be told to pound sand? Obama and the deranged leftists in Congress continue to show a policy of disdain for all that is America.

I never thought I’d say it, but I long for days of the Clinton administration.

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