Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just Four Months Left...

A UN climate warning was issued today by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. And it is looking grim, folks.

It looks like we have just four months to secure the future of the planet regarding climate change. Four months? When did things get so dire? Last time I checked wasn't Al Gore touting the ten year mark? Now, it is four months? How much is it going to cost us to save the earth in just four short months? Four months!

Cash out what's left of the 401K? Stop paying into the Christmas Club? Stop showing up to work? Who cares about socialized healthcare now! 4 months!

The statement says: Any agreement must be fair, effective, equitable and comprehensive, and based on science. And it must help vulnerable nations adapt to climate change.

Translation: Americans need to pay up.

Fourth, we need an equitable and accountable mechanism for distributing these financial and technological resources, taking into account the views of all countries in decision-making.

Let the UN handle it, they did such a bang-up job with the oil for food program.

But leaders have agreed to cut green house gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. That is welcomed again. But that must be accompanied by the ambitious mid-term target by 2020 as science tells us to do. There I said, while I applaud their commitment, that is not enough.

There might be a lot of cold and hunger as a result. One of those cases of the cure being worse than the disease, for sure. I am guessing his fossil fuel chauffeured car, plane and heated home will be in the 20 percent of allowed emissions.

Really, at this point, does anyone need more evidence that these people are raving lunatics?

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