Friday, August 14, 2009

Inspiration from the People of PA

All over the country ordinary Americans armed with only video recorders are doing the work the media should be doing. Each video, each viewing on Youtube, each time a neighbor informs a neighbor of what he has seen, each blog post and every seemingly inconsequential tweet; each time one of these independent acts occur a little more of the fraud that is the Democratic party and it's leadership becomes exposed.

It is hard to believe it is happening in America. Ordinary people are attending townhalls to express an opinion and in turn are being threatened by thugs. And it gets worse. These ordinary people pay the ACORN salaries with taxpayer dollars. They hire the unemployed to attire themselves in the, by now well known, ACORN branded red tshirts and try to break up the ability of the other side to communicate with each other - and to make it look like they out number them.

But, you have to work with the tools you are given.

What actually works in the favor of freedom loving Americans is Obama's inability to not "govern" as more of a Mugabe rather than a Richard Daley--in spite of all the references to Chicago style politics. Daley knew when to walk away from the table. This President seemingly does not. As smoothly as he can read a teleprompter, his actions are just the opposite. Calling out ACORN goon squads this early in the game will prove to be an egregious error.


  1. I got my David Axelrod email today. I will probably be arrested for my response back.
    Take care if I never get heard from again as they come in the dark of night to take me away, haha!

  2. Do what everyone else is doing with the Axlerod emails they receive...forward it to