Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Excessive overmatch is apparently the new code phrase for gutting out the military. It is no surprise, it is what Democrats do when given the keys to the kingdom. The excuse given this time--"Most every war since WWII has been against a second, or less rate military."

They were considered second rate militaries because we set the bar so high. American military strategy has always been preparation for large war against an equal or superior enemy in more than one theater. It has never been the opposite. It was our preparation and planning for this large war that gave us the arsenals to defeat the second and third rate powers of the last few decades and largely prevented even more unknown perilous scenarios. Many of the tools we are using today were not designed to fight Al Queda or the Taliban but they have proven themselves to be completely valuable.

Obama has offically ended the era of the F22. An aircraft that is the bench mark of technological sophistication. Light years ahead of anything produced any where else on the globe. It's diagnosis? Too expensive, too flashy, too high-end for the threats we face today. Forget about tomorrow and emerging threats.

In just the last year the United States Air Force has gone from having a funded and modern program to a program that is falling apart. Until this time, there has not been a country foolish enough to try to engage us in conventional warfare. The times they are a'changing and the Russians and Chinese have bought and stolen enough technology to make some competitive fighter planes. The United States must move ahead and with more than apology tours and state visits from Bill Clinton.

I do not claim to be a military arms expert but I do understand what it is that fighter aircraft is used for. Destroying targets on the ground and destroying other aircraft. How egregious is the error of gutting our first rate air force to the tune of what Retired USAF Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney called, “The most dangerous defense budget since the post-World War II period”?

I guess we will find out when American bombers start getting shot from the sky . Air superiority is not by birthright guaranteed to United States. It was bought and paid for and worth every cent. Paying for it in dollars assured us that we did not need to pay for it in blood.

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