Sunday, August 9, 2009

Play It to Win It

Last week a piece of political agit pop went viral on the internet. Within hours the server that had originally hosted it was crashed by the sheer volume of internet users trying to access the image. It was the image above depicting Barack Obama as the joker with the word "socialism" printed across the bottom. Already, Obama supporters are crying time out. And already conservatives everywhere are crying "it is about damn time".

Supporters of Obama are calling the image mean spirited. This was only after, I am sure, they failed to come up with an argument to call it racist. Liberals have never been known for their thick skin but let's try to remember that these are same peope, who for eight long years, painted President Bush as--Hilter,a monkey and the devil. He was routinely shown portrayed with images of his likeness in guillotines or with guns to his head. You'll have to excuse me if I am not feeling really boo-hoo for the left wing.

Now the tables have turned, and ordinary American people are openly ridiculing this administration. This isn't supposed to happen. They aren't used to their tactics being used against them and they aren't quite sure how to react to it. Conservatives are supposed to sit back and suffer in silence on their lonely higher road. It's the way it's always been played and it has always worked very effectively for the liberals.

The reaction is a typical reaction from a bully who has been pushed back. It's not the reaction of pensive and serious leadership. Not the reaction of a uniter who transcends above politics as we have always known them. What we've seen to this date, is just another bully who is the leader of like-minded bullies. Americans, as a rule, do not care for bullies or mobs.

This image seems to have struck a very serious nerve. For whatever reason, it is resonating. It is powerful and it is getting the point across. As any fan of street fighting can tell you, when you have the enemy on the ropes, you don't stop to let him regroup. You give him a little elbow or shoulder and finish the job.

More than the image, though, it is the tactics that are being used. It is pure Saul Alinsky --"ridicule is the most potent weapon".

Use ridicule as a weapon. They are crying outrage because they know it works. Conservative/Republican victims line the sides of the road of history, images battered and torn. Bush, Reagan, Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter ...

Leftists are used to dictating the rules. They have effectively convinced conservatives that we are not allowed to fight back with any real ammunition and they've largely been operating without real opposition for decades. Strangely, the largest enemy they have had working against them are the disastrous results of their own policies. Though even in some depressed regions of the countries that still isn't enough to defeat them.

It's high time conservatives stop bringing feathers to the proverbial gunfights.

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