Saturday, September 5, 2009

You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

If conservatives needed a new theme song, this would be it. Obama is shaping up to be bad medicine for what ails an apathetic nation. He is reminding an opiated with comfort population that was more interested in American Idol or what flavor of latte they were going to order about politics, civics, prosperity and why they matter. It is a painful lesson, but one the country needs.

Contrast that with another Bush or worse, a moderate Republican like McCain. It would have been more detrimental, long term, to have four more years of reaching across the aisle and proliferate spending. At the same time these lukewarm Republicans gave the media the tools it needed to paint "conservative" as something it was not.

No, this is good. Obama is liberalism wide out in the open for all the country to see. Dishonest, fanatical, fascist, tyrannical and dangerous. The more eyes that open, the more angry the public gets. What we are witnessing is a healthy display of appropriate anger. It is important that we not let people immobilized by guilt and timidness describe it as anything but that.

Ofcourse, it could be too early to sing. Looking back to the makeover Clinton made in his floundering first term, to all of us it is apparent what Obama needs to do at this time. Before it is too late he would need to undergo a Clinton-like remaking to make himself more in tune to the middle of the country. However at this writing, he seems to be losing what political instinct he had, the mask is coming off and he seems to be heading toward a point of no return.

The difference is, and it is a significant one, Clinton could do a major rebranding because he was never ideologically pure. He never let anything trump his political survival. Most of all, Clinton wanted to be liked and, at his best, he was likable. Examination of the moves he was willing to make to come back with a vengeance in 1994, signing welfare reform and axing the toxic Hillary healthcare, tells us he was less an ideologue than a pragmatist.

Obama could do all of the same things. He needs to do all of these same things but he doesn't have the the psychological make-up that would allow him to do so. He is an ideologue. More so, his ideology defines him. It is more than the fact that he was raised and steeped in leftist ideology, he was, but it is more an issue of what the ideology has given him. Acceptance, elitist status and a shell of armor for the delicate narcissistic personality. He has never left the shelter of left wing comfort bases: academia, law and political office. In the bubble of leftism, Obama has been twice protected because of his race.

Outside of magic rhetorical skills, he is elitist, condescending and insular. Clinton, for all his faults, was never any of those things. Bush had a stroke of insularity but at the same time he was folksy. You felt like you could belly up to the bar and talk about last night's Ranger game with Bush. Not so with Obama and people feel that. It's almost painful to watch him try to fake it.

Instinctively they seem to be catching on that at the crux of it, Obama appears to be unable to understand just how offensive many of his recent moves are to the vast majority of Americans. He does not feel the patriotism that comes so easily to us. It just does not compute. It is because his mind has been contaminated with leftist ideals hostile to this country. Simply put, he does not come off as one of us--because he is not.

What do you do when your enemy is destroying himself? You become the roadrunner to his Wile E. Coyote. You count on him to continue the pattern of behaviors he is known to engage in. Our task as conservatives is is to shine the light on every move, educate and to be ready in 2010 with a clear alternative to socialism.


  1. LOL! I thought you'd be one of my fan club telling me it was the best post ever. Seems I have a bunch of Che Guevera tshirt wearing followers over on Simply Awful forums.

  2. That last sentence is the one that concerns me. I'm not sure that any of the Republicans are able to see a "clear alternative to socialism." The rhinos are going to swim with this shark and pass
    the health care nail in the economic coffin.