Friday, September 4, 2009

Comrade Green Jobs

I have a question. Does Obama have any friends who are not America-loathing, Marxist or black theology types? Actually two questions because the answer to the first is becoming quite apparent. Is there no end to this line-up of, would be comedic if it weren't so damn serious, cast of characters?

Enter stage left, President Obama's controversial environmental adviser, Green Comrade Van Jones. Jones has claimed that he wants to shelve grey capitalism for a green jobs movement, that the USA was an apartheid regime and has stated that he believes Bush has something to do with hatching up the plans for 9/11. He has stated 9/11 was a Republican campaign ad.

I do not know that the Whitehouse has been this big of an embarrassment since Jimmy Carter. To fairly put it in perspective though, I think most of Carter's bumblings in the 1970s were born out of basic misguidance. It was not until after he left office and knew his legacy was being the worst president in recent history and the butt of many jokes that he truly developed an undeniable hatred for his country. Obama's disdain for his country was well established long before he took office.

Let's keep in mind Presidents select appointments from lifelong political circles of friends. The only circle Obama knows is comprised of communists, black radical communists and did I say communists? To any of us that have been paying attention, none of this is a surprise. This is the the trust barrier and in a sane nation would be the barometer of who and what he is. It would not surprise me, in the least, if tomorrow Hugo Chavez was given a Czar's position in his cabinet.

A big show of gratitude to Glenn Beck for exposing Van Jones. Each day Beck puts his neck out there and fights for the survival of this nation. It is rumored that Jones will take him rightful position under the bus with Wright, Ayers and the grandmother. Let us not forget, though, Jones is only the symptom of a much more widespread disease. With Obama radicals like Jones are like buses. There will be another one to come along in fifteen minutes.


  1. Great Job. You are exactly right. There is no end to this mess until we are rid of this administration. We have put the radical student communist sympathizers of the 60's in charge of our Government.

  2. He won't be going anywhere. Tom Daschle still operates under the wire. It will be no different. These folks have no moral compass. They have one goal..the takedown of capitalism.
    I told you Glenn Beck was great years ago!