Friday, September 18, 2009

Who They Are

I have to admit I do not watch Jon Stewart, I do not really fit his demographic. However, I am aware of the pull he has in pop culture circles. He tends to appeal to that, "I am so smart, I hate all sides equally but funny how it is I always side with the statists" crowd. They annoy me. They probably annoy me more than the actual statists themselves. I have no use for fence sitters, I find them to be mostly cowards.

That said, I watched the linked clip that Flopping Aces had posted on their blog featuring Jon Stewart commenting on ACORN. Link

What struck me was how honestly surprised Jon Stewart was that this was the face of the Democratic base. Of course, I know of the limousine liberals and the upper echelon white elitists who vote Democrat--the circles Stewart, no doubt, travels in. But, I also know if Democrats had to rely on these people to get elected they might garner 10% of the vote.

I also know a vast chunk of the people who are attracted to the northeastern liberal message are those people in the ACORN videos. Stewart, in his own comedic covered way, seemed really blown away by this revelation. It was not the down trodden guy with his lunch pail on the way to the mine or the single mom working three jobs, exhausted and just trying to get some amoxicillin for her kid's ear infection.

It was the lowest common denominator. People in survival mode putting a very cheap price tag on life. Stewart seemed perplexed that decades of the Great Society have done little but let loose on this country a significant population of feral animals and that many of them vote and are politically active supporting the same people and policies he does.

It is said to get actually "clean" someone's mind of leftism, they need a SEE (Significant Emotional Event) to occur. I have an acquaintance who claimed for him it was watching the Vietnamese leave their country in whatever makeshift boat they could find. Many dying before reaching safe shores. Quite a few, ending up in NW Florida where he was living as a Marxist at that time.

Their relief and gratitude to be in the United States of America hit a nerve with him. Slowly he began to question his beliefs. He started to see there was something very wrong with his world view. That many good people, faced with such traumatizing life or death events, at the hands of a system he completely devoted himself to, could not be wrong. Finally, he witnessed the Cambodian atrocity. He began to think for himself and he was forever changed.

He made it out. We can hope these ACORN videos begin the process in some of the minds of the left. I have to believe many watched in eye opening disbelief as Jon Stewart appeared to.

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