Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do you need any more evidence?

I keep reading the question--"Did Obama take the wrong side in Honduras". To which the only and obvious answer would be--YES! Obama IS the wrong side.

Would Obama choose to back the Chavez style and backed president, Zelaya, who upon the end of his first term moved to change the constitution so that he may remain in office. Would you expect anything than the answer to be yes at this point? Ofcourse, he did.

Would he still support him even though he did this through deliberately unconstitutional means by way of his own referendum, without the congressional authorization demanded by Honduras's constitution? Without a doubt. And he'd go so far as backing the classification of the military installing the rule of law as a "military coup".

Has it ever been the policy of the United States of America to back the subversion of a democratic country’s constitution in this way?

Honduras’ constitution was changed in the 1980s and it uses the United States constitution as its blueprint. They expressly prohibited any person from holding more than one Presidential term or even suggesting that the constitution be changed specifically due to the region’s history of Marxist dictatorships.

Wasn't it our policy at one time to spread the ideals of democracy and the rule of law?

Zelaya is currently finding refuge at the Brazilian embassy in Honduras. De facto leader, Michelleti has asked Brazil to hand over President Zelaya from their embassy. Some in Honduras believe the only way Zelaya could have gotten in was through Palmerola US air base. Rumors abound that the Clinton/State dept flew him in to the base and them had him transported by helicopter to the Brazilian embassy.

There is no real evidence that points to that occurring at this time. Recent experience and Obama's track record can lead one to their own conclusions. We are, however, left with this impression: Obama involves himself in Honduras to save a fellow leftist who will spread revolution with the help of Ortega, the Castro's, and Chavez. It is most ominous that the government of the United States is condemning and punishing the peaceful, freedom-loving people of Honduras for their refusal to accept communism.


  1. It is because we are such an arrogant and even derisive country, we have been on the wrong side of revolution since 1776. If we ahd only embraced Castro and Chavez then things would have been so much better, after all they are tiny countries... or something like that.

  2. You mean like the people above.

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  4. Obama had a good teacher in Peanut Jimmah Carter. Let's not forget that Jimmy interfered with the free will of the people of Zimbabwe. He opposed the newly elected Bishop Gabriel Muzorewa and backed Robert Mugabe instead.

    Under Mugabe, Zimbabwe (the former Rhodesia) went from being the "breadbasket of Africa" to become the poorest nation on earth, while Mugabe and his cronies are now super wealthy.

    Obama is therefore not the first American President to interfere with the free will of another country's people. He merely learned well and just surpass America's Worst President by already showing us he can potentially be even worse!