Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Left Can't Lead - Who Knew?

I am reading commentary after commentary of shocked journalists and politicos who are just astounded to find out -- Obama can't lead. He's a flounderer, a staller, a back bencher and an incompetent. Do I inhabit an alternative universe? No one saw this coming?

Obama is a media created myth who is more than likely a puppet for far more sinister forces. Problem is, those sinister forces have a belief system rooted in Marxism also. I do not know if they are any more capable than he. It's easy to destroy things. Much harder to govern and develop functioning systems that keep the people out of the streets with burning pitchforks. Much harder to extinguish that burning fire for freedom that exists in so many human beings.

Most importantly for leftism to exist, even in it's more democratic forms, anywhere in the world it needs, at least, one engine of productivity to cling it's parasitical claws into. We were that engine.

The plans for global governance, carbon taxes, control of free information and pillage and plunder of the American middle class, while reliant on chaos, left out one large factor. Reality. Real live, big problems are building and building. They require a leader who has real executive and leadership experience. One thing is clear, this puppet is lost. The entire Potemkin Village he has built around him in Washington appears to be equally as lost. Deer in the headlights.

The left only operates from a position of strength from the sidelines and armchair quarterbacking. Ginning up class envy and creating divisions is what they do best. Those are skills that are safely practiced from a position of non-leadership and taking on the status quo. That is why leftism, historically, is a revolutionary movement. Beyond the revolution, it falls apart. Then it is either reforms to free market solutions, mass imprisonments, deaths and tree bark soup for dinner or huge segments of underground economies that go, largely, ignored.

To know the future we must remember the past. Obama's decisions are rooted in his leftist ideology. His lack of decisions are because leftism holds no answers for the problems he faces. He is building with a faulty blueprint and old, used unstable foundation in a neighborhood of houses that were built on the same. Problem is, all those houses collapsed some time ago and the left refuses to acknowledge that fact.

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