Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Strange Wind Blowing

There is a strange wind blowing, can you feel it? I am reminded of the old, supposedly, Chinese proverb, "may you live in interesting times". There is no mistaking that, the times they are a' changing.

Europe is disintegrating right before our eyes. A fabricated construct of people who do not even necessarily like each other, not only, from country to country but sometimes, even, region to region. In it's ashes we will probably see the emergence of a hard left. The Europeans will never abort communism - they, after all, they invented it. Our notion of "saving" Europe from communism was a seventy year foolish quest, which will now end. They lust for communism, and they will get it sooner than anyone thinks. It is 50 years too late and justly deserved.

North and South Korea are on the brink of war. Nuclear powers, both. Let us not forget we have 28,000 troops on the border of North Korea and we currently have no leadership. None. What happens when Korea goes hot and 28,000 US troops are caught in a crossfire with no leadership or support from Washington?

Oil is leaking into the gulf, Israelis are performing frequent and serious bomb shelter drills with their citizens, The US is on the verge of economic collapse, Japan is even worse off , Venezuela is taking full advantage in South America and I do believe we are nearing the first battle salvos of the war of the Southwest, if they haven't occurred already.

The world is going to hell and Obama is driving us there on the short "green" ethanol fueled bus. Not only that, without getting too much into his psychology, which is an endlessly fascinating subject for me, Obama is giving the impression of someone who is about to unravel.

What does America look like when the dust settles? That is the question that determines the fate, not only, of Americans but of the entire world. America, the concept, is an anomaly, not just in recent history but in human history. Actually, the American 20th century was entirely an abboration in the history of the world. Think about this, at one time we had 80% of the world’s GDP and not even 10% of the world’s population. Americans really have been spoiled like no other people with peace, prosperity and a bubble that allowed a spoiled warped perception to take hold.

All that is ending. We will lose our innocence and ignorance in the next decade. Serious damage is being done to the country.
Most places, you can’t walk outside, or turn on your television and see the damage yet, but it is most certainly taking place. This is a battle to determine which belief system will prevail—individual freedom, or “shared sacrifice”.

They do not call it communism when it comes. Communism starts in meeting halls and in union marches. It won't come with tanks rolling down the streets or midnight raids, that all comes later. Today's communist party consists of about 25 people and a xerox machine. Almost nobody is a formal communist any more. By virtue of leftist infiltration of the educational system going back 70 or more years, people have been taught to believe everything the communists believed in, while laughing at the idea they are communists. Mere use of the label provokes laughter.

This is the international globalist communist revolution the left planned for since it's inception. The chaos all around it is it's oxygen. Freedom is very fragile and Americans, by-and-large, have grown extremely arrogant. Much more prideful than the founders and more than our own grandparents who feared and loathed communism for good reason.



  1. You forgot about Somali terrorists in Mexico learning Spanish to cross the border in true Latino style and some of the worst border crime in history.

    "What does America look like when the dust settles?"
    Americans will get in shape, take back the government, reform the education system and continue to innovate for the rest of the world. We still have the opportunity to lead by example and it could make all the difference for us and the countries of Europe and Asia. You know you believe the stronger and more just ideal can once again prevail.

    The CPUSA web site ( cracks me up. Their catch phrase is, "Radical Ideas. Real Politics."

    The Communism of the world today is not what was invented in Europe. It is an even less effective interpretation simply fueled by the aggression of the poor agricultural classes all over the world. It is a buzz-word like Maoism that pin-points poorly educated people's inability to cope with the changing world. With the advances in technology and the increasingly interconnected world, the economics of farming and food trade have drastically changed and many times not for the better for farmers. Solve the problem of the farmer and communism will no longer be in the picture.

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  3. On my darkest days I agree completely, on my (inexplicably)optimistic days I believe that there are enough of us who are stronger and smarter and more tenacious than the weenie commie-wannabes.

    And then I see the likes of Oliver Stone and his slobbering love fest with Hugo Chavez. That our military forces fight and sacrifice their lives to allow this piece of crap the freedom to tell us what pieces of crap we are is infuriating. And the next thing I know, I'm right back in your camp.

    God help us, we are such a pathetic species.

  4. The plight of the farmer doesn't explain the far left, control freak Berkley-ite who signs off on every pillar of the communist manifesto.