Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ich Bin Ein Lemming

Imagine it is about 1924 in the new Soviet Russian Ukraine and for analogy purposes we have the technologies we have today. Imagine again, for analogy purposes, a tractor company airing an ad that shows Ukrainian and Russian citizens being visited by the "collectivization police". (admittedly, this is asking for a lot of poetic license as there would be no advertising, tractors, televisions or disposable income to support such endeavors in the Soviet Union, but bear with me) Images might be shown of people helping the Ukrainian farmers, farming their own plots of land or tending to their livestock. The "collectivization police" would be shown harassing, roughing up and inspecting the people thought to be engaging in these acts. Incidentally, all three of these examples were deemed illegal in the Soviet Ukraine in the mid to late 1930s by Josef Stalin.

The commercial might then show the Kulaks (displaced Ukrainian farmers) living "special settlements" in the wilderness of Siberia or working on the collectivists farms and the "collectivism police" then happily interacting with the rest of the population who were not considered "enemies of the people". The message, subtle, resistance is futile. Just comply.

Looking back, would we have found humor in the prophetic ad? For satire to work there must be an element of truth and this hit right on the nerve. I fully understand the extent to which the green movement wants to go, not to save the environment, but to nourish their pathology. I have talked to "progressives" who would have no problem with a representative of the federal government coming into your home for an “energy” audit. These people and their useful idiot supporters would welcome the Green Police. I have little doubt enough of them would welcome "green" punishments too.

Ofcourse I am writing in reference to the now highly talked about Audi Superbowl ad. It was a great ad. Albeit, a little disturbing coming from a German carmaker though I am sure the concept materialized on 5th Avenue and not the Unter den Linden. It was for all intents and purpose a brilliant ad that more than accomplished it's mission. It has people talking and thinking. I just wish it ended a little differently.

We were left with the final message that depicted tacit acceptance of green fascism. The message: you need to buy a eco friendly car to avoid getting hassled by the government but it doesn't have to be a goofy golf cart. Look, it can be an Audi! A sort of Neville Chamberlain like approach to fascism.

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